We, at AZ Science, will contribute to advance in health of the community and development of industries through sales of scientific instruments, industrial equipment, medial equipment, medicines and reagents.


We try to natural science and handle medical equipment, scientific equipment, industrial equipment and reagents with the spirit to contribute to the medical field in the community, industrial innovation, research and development, and improvement in life science. The policies for this purpose are:

  1. To always respect customers’ positions and observe the rules for co-existence and co-prosperity for the development of the customers;
  2. To have a consciousness of corporate social responsibility to contribute to the society;
  3. To use our best efforts for the development of the company;
  4. To seek for true happiness of employees.


  1. Penetrate customer creed.
  2. Establish and practice corporate ethics.
  3. Keep compliance.
  4. Strive for environmental protection.
  5. Establish good relations with stakeholders.
  6. Contribute to development and stability of the company.
  7. Maintain and improve working environment.


Company Name
AZ Science Co., Ltd.
April 1, 1974
JPY 61,360,000
Takashi Suzuki, President, Executive Officer
Seiichi Komaba, Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer
Toshiro Ohnishi, Director, Managing Executive Officer
Akira Ohike, Director, Managing Executive Officer
Hajime Misawa, Director, Executive Officer
Yukiharu Shimizu, Director, Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Shima, Director
Hironori Momose, Auditor
Kenichi Matsuda,Executive Officer
Masafumi Asawa,Executive Officer
Hironobu Furuhata,Executive Officer
Tsuyoshi Ohkoshi,Executive Officer
Hideaki Kawakami,Executive Officer
2-3-35 Muraimachinishi, Matsumoto, Nagano 399-8754
Phone: (+81) 263-58-0021
Fax: (+81) 263-58-8786
The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd., Mizuho Bank, Ltd.


  • May, 2024
    Transferred Mito Office.
  • March, 2024
    Transferred Shizuoka Office.
  • February, 2024
    Transferred Chiba Office.
  • October, 2023
    Opened Wakayama Office.
    Opened Kouriyama Office.
  • February, 2023
    Transferred Yokohama Office.
  • Sptember, 2021
    Integrated Kitanagano Office to Nagano Office.
    Transferred Tokyo Office.
    Transferred Odawara Office.
  • October, 2020
    Opened Shizuoka Office.
  • July, 2020
    Opened Kitanagano Office.
  • October, 2019
    Opened Kanazawa Office.
  • October, 2018
    Transferred Kofu Office.
  • April, 2018
    Opened Akita Office.
  • December, 2017
    Transferred Chiba Office.
  • November, 2017
    Transferred Yamagata Office.
  • October, 2017
    Transferred Tokyo Office.
  • August, 2017
    Opened Osaka Office.
  • April, 2016
    Opened Odawara Office.
    Opened NishiTokyo Office.
  • February, 2016
    Opened Chiba Office.
  • October, 2015
    Transferred Sendai Office.
  • April, 2015
    Opened Sendai Office.
  • March, 2014
    Transferred Joetsu Office.
    Integrated Nagaoka Office to Niigata Office.
  • February, 2014
    Opened Nagoya Office.
  • October, 2013
    Opened Saitama Office.
  • April, 2013
    Changed company name into AZ Science Co., Ltd.
  • August, 2011
    Transferred Yokohama Office.
  • May, 2011
    Transferred Tokyo Office and Tokyo Warehouse.
  • April, 2010
    Opened Mito Office.
  • September, 2008
    Transferred Takasaki Office.
  • August, 2007
    Kofu Branch and Gotenba Office certified according to ISO14001.
  • December, 2006
    Opened Yokohama Office.
  • April, 2004
    Opened Yamagata Office.
  • October, 2003
    Opened Tokyo Office (Medical Department).
  • October, 2002
    Opened Takasaki Office.
    Opened Tokyo Branch (opened Tokyo, Tsukuba, Saitama and Goptenba Offices).
  • April, 2001
    Opened Niigata Office.
  • March, 2001
    Transferred Nagano Office (integrated Ueda Office).
  • November, 2000
    Opened Tokyo Office.
  • August, 2000
    Headquarters and Matsumoto Office certified according to ISO14001.
  • April, 2000
    Change company name into Naberin Fuji Science Co., Ltd.
    Opened Tochigi Branch.
  • February, 1998
    Opened Niigata Office.
  • September, 1997
    Opened Kofu Branch.
  • March, 1985
    Transferred Headquarters
  • July, 1983
    Opened Ueda Office.
  • April, 1981
    Opened Joetsu Office.
  • October, 1979
    Opened Kofu Office.
  • April, 1974
    Opened Nagano Office.
    Separated Scientific Division of Naberin Co., Ltd. to Naberin Science Co., Ltd.


Medical wholesale / Advanced medical equipment sale and rental / Advanced medical equipment sale and repair / Medical equipment repair / Poisonous and hazardous substances sale / General alcohol sale / Agrichemicals sale / Animal medicines wholesale / Advanced animal medical equipment sale and rental / Measuring instruments sale / Antique dealer / Collection and transportation of specified industrial waste