AZ Science ("the Company") strives to protect the privacy of our customers. Personal information provided to the Company from customers via email or inquiry/entry forms on the Company website is handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Customer personal information

Normally, when customers access the Company website, it is not necessary for customers to provide personal information such as name, etc. However, when using questionnaires, posting sections, inquiry forms, and other services available on the Company website, it may be necessary for customers to provide personal information such as address, name, etc. within the required scope.

Protection/management of customer personal information

The Company strives to prevent the leakage, loss, and unauthorized access of customer personal information. Furthermore, the Company will not disclose personal information provided by customers to a third party.

Target of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Company website ( In some cases, websites other than the Company website can be linked on the Company website. Fundamentally, the Company has no involvement with these third-party websites and assumes absolutely no responsibility for the handling of personal information on said websites. Please refer to the privacy policy on each individual website you visit.

Agreement with Privacy Policy

Customers who provide personal information to the Company are deemed as having agreed with this Privacy Policy.

Revision of Privacy Policy

The Company continually revises and improves the contents of this Privacy Policy in order to comply with laws, regulations, and other guidelines related to the handling of customer personal information.

Inquiries regarding website policy for the Company website

Please use the "Inquiry Form" to send any questions that you may have regarding the website policy for the Company website.