About Network Business

We are providing full and varied service, looking into the future of network society.

We are meeting expectations of customers with network business, in the expanding network society.

  • Total Reagent Control System(TRCS)

    This is the commodities management system to unify the management of medical materials and supplies for a hospital in our SPD Center. This system realizes stable supply and appropriate stock of such commodities.

  • Pharmacy Network Suport System(PNSS)

    This is the system to operate medicine control in a dispensing pharmacy efficiently and effectively, and to facilitate medicine transfer and communication between pharmacies using network.

  • Web Cost Control System(WEBCCS)

    This is the cost control system on the web for examinations in a hospital, which includes totalization of examination results and preparation of statistical materials as well as control of costs and inventories.

  • Electronic Purchase & Communication(EPCOMS)

    This is the web communication tool between a customer and AZ Science, which enables quotation, ordering, delivery control and acceptance on a network.