About Field Service Engineer

Flexible service to maintain safety and performance of customers’ instruments

Field service engineers maintain safety and performance of customers’ instruments (e.g. examination systems, analyzers, deionizer) through maintenance service.

We provide reliable service as the best partner for every user.

It is essential to maintain examination equipment in good condition, in order to keep reliability of data. Such equipment may be out of order due to deterioration, wear and/or imbalance in long or frequent use or under an environment. Then we are providing regular maintenance to prevent unexpected fault, so as to keep stable operation of the equipment.

Our service experts regularly visit customers for checkup and consumable replacement.

We have the flexible service system compatible with a phone call, primary maintenance and scheduled plan.

We provide customers with our technical skills and know-how in cooperation with each manufacturer as soon as we get information, which minimizes failure time.

We are sharing up-to-date information with customers.

Please consult us preliminary investigations for water, electricity and LAN work before equipment purchase.

We will prepare layout image after introduction and propose comfortable environment for use.

Every service staff of AZ Science responds to customers from the beginning of decision of equipment introduction on any concerns including keeping and maintenance, in order to secure safety use and ease in mind. We will be responsible for correspondence to customers’ reliance.