About Global Network

Provide global support centering around Asia.

Development of global economy requires extensive activities of various companies, and the activities require a variety of supports.
We are supporting such companies active across borders with our wide experience.

We provide support in businesses in Asia.
We are expanding strong overseas network to strengthen the base in Asia.

We are using EPCOMS (out original purchase system) and inventory management and delivery system to provide commodities and information customers need according to the needs of local sites.

We are continually introducing advanced overseas technologies to provide specialty products required by the market.

We have established an overseas company to attain quick response to customers and to provide global information.

Major Products

Mass spectrometer, Chromatograph, Optical microscope, Electron Microscope, Elemental analyzer, Gene analysis system, Laboratory equipment, Medical equipment, Laboratory supplies, Food/microorganism experimental equipment, Incubator, Sterilizer, Laboratory reagents, Industrial chemicals, Chemical products, Environmental test equipment, Sanitary equipment and appliances, Energy saving instruments

32 Permpoom Building 3rd Foor, Soi Sukhumvit 87
Sukhumvit Rd., Bangjak, Phrakanong, Bangkok 10260 THAILAND Phone +66-(0)2-311-4127 FAX +66-(0)2-730-3551