About Medical Sphere

Communicate with medical sites to support the future and health.
We are providing full and varied service, looking into the future of medical care.

Health of every resident is most important to maintain affluent society. Mental and physical health is irreplacesable asset for us.
Medical techniques to maintain such asset have drastically been developed so as to sustain the society in the 21st century.
AZ Science is providing human-friendly technologies through sales of medicines and medical equipment.
Clinical Reagents

We are going to propose new clinical trail systems through the 21st century.

Clinical trail is essential to medical care. We deal with wide variation of clinical reagents to contribute to improvement of health in the community.

Diagnosis System

We are heading toward creation of the future with our proactive invention.

We are proposing diagnosis systems to contribute to accurate diagnosis.
Our target is to keep health of people and to contribute to the society.

Medical Materials

We have a strong sense of purpose to contribute to improvement of health.

We are supporting medical sites and providing various medical materials.
We strive to cerate healthy and affluent society in the future.

Medical Equipment

We are proud to contribute to the society through maintaining health of people.

Medicine is the means to maintain our health. We are serving to health that is most important for human beings, through sales of medical equipment.

Diagnostic Imaging System

We are supporting creation of the future in harmony with the community.

We provide diagnostic imaging systems including endoscopic examination and X-ray inspection.
We are addressing to realization of affluent society through improvement of health.


We are striving to be a good partner of local medicine.

We are contributing to local medical service through sales of medicines including high-quality generic medicines.

Major Products

Clinical reagents, Consumables for medical inspection, Clinical chemical analyzer, Blood gas chromatograph, Full automatic electrophoresis system, Densitometer, High-speed liquid chromatograph, Enzyme immunoassay system, Fluorescent immunoassay system, Chemiluminescent immunoassay system, Multi channel blood cell counter, Blood coagulation analyzer, Platelet aggregometer, Automatic blood sample preparation system, Automatic blood picture sorting system, Cell sorting system, Full automatic blood testing system, Microorganism identification system, Sensitivity tester, Blood incubator, Nucleic acid extraction system, Osmometer, Urine analyzer, Urinary sediment analyzer, Fecal occult blood tester, Automatic cytological staining system, Clinical trail system, Specimen pretreatment system, Blood collection tube preparation system, Water purification system, Image processor, Ultrasonic diagnosis system, Ultrasonic bone densitometer, Automatic external defibrillator (AED), Blood pulse wave analyzer, Heart rate meter, Electroencephalograph, Sphygmomanometer, Visceral fat tester, Biological information monitoring system, Pulse oximeter, Artificial respirator, Spirometer, X-ray equipment, MRI, CT, SPECT, Packaging machine, Sterilizer, Dispensing counter, Examination room, Laboratory, Patients room supplies, Medical materials, Animal medicines, Animal medical equipment